Delivery Performance

Steelscape understands the criticalness of on-time delivery in many construction projects. A late material delivery can mean project set-backs in time, wasted resources and potential increased cost. Steelscape strives to provide the best delivery performance in the steel industry…95% on-time delivery is our goal to customers.

Steelscape’s on-time delivery performance is so important to our customer service focus that employees throughout the company have job goals tied to actual delivery performance measures. With this all-encompassing effort throughout the production and shipment of our products, customers can rest assured that Steelscape is making every effort possible to provide the material ordered when and where it’s needed, on-time, every time.

It is important to note that our delivery time is measured by the Acknowledged Production Date of the order and does not include the transportation time or mode used to deliver the product from our facility to the customer’s final destination. Providing a release date when placing an order with Steelscape will help ensure the added time for transportation is minimal and the product is received at the correct location by the date needed.​

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