Steelscape realizes the important role transportation plays in getting our product to customers. Therefore, we have established the Steelscape Shipping Policy & Procedures to ensure the product shipped is received in the same condition as when it left our facilities.  Steelscape's Shipping Policy and Procedures can be found to the right.

Steelscape shipping hours are as follows:

  • Kalama, WA
    Monday-Sunday: 24 hrs/day
  • Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    Monday-Thursday: 24 hrs/day
    Friday: Until 11:00 pm

Customer to Arrange Shipments:

Loading appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance for customer to arrange pick-up. To schedule a loading appointment, please contact the Steelscape Dispatcher at the Steelscape facility from which you will be picking-up the material. Contact information for dispatchers can be found on the Steelscape Contacts List.


Customer Will Call:

Steelscape will attempt to service customer Will-Call shipments received prior to noon on the same day.  Same day Will-Call shipments do require that all necessary information is provided to the Steelscape Customer Service Representative and Logistics Group.  All Will-Call shipments called in after noon will be scheduled for the following day.  An appointment is required for all Will-Calls.


Steelscape to Arrange Shipments:

  • For local deliveries, Steelscape will guarantee next-day delivery when customer shipment releases are received by 11:00 am. Local deliveries are considered to be less than 150 miles from Steelscape's point of production facility.
  • For shipments outside of the local area, Steelscape will ship within two (2) working days for customer shipment releases received by noon. This includes shipments from outside warehouses.

Requests outside of Steelscape's standard shipping offer will be addressed on a case by case basis and accommodated when schedule, workload and inventory accessibility allows.

Outgoing freight charges can be prepaid or collect as established on the order.

Steelscape will target a minimum load weight, based on released coil weights, for semi loads of no less than 45K lbs. and for maxi loads of no less than 58K lbs.

Should a coil not be available for a planned load, efforts will be made to fill the load with coils from another order or load for the same destination. This may require additional material/orders to be released for shipment.​

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