Steelscape has a finished goods material storage policy for bare and painted, metallic coated TruZinc® and ZINCALUME® Steel. This policy applies to finished goods of single-bill products only. To learn more about storage of toll-processing (customer-owned) product, please reference the Toll Processing menu.

Our policy ensures the reliability and efficiency of Steelscape is maximized through timely conversion of produced material into shipped products. Efficient use of warehouse space is also necessary for reduced lead times.

Details of the Steelscape material storage policy for single-bill orders are as follows:

  • Finished goods inventory left in Steelscape’s possession for more than thirty (>30) days from the order’s Acknowledged Ship Date may be automatically transferred to an off-site warehouse for storage.
  • Steelscape’s storage fee will commence beginning thirty-one (31) days from the order’s Acknowledged Ship Date.
  • The storage fee, which consists of costs that Steelscape incurs in the transfer, storage and handling of each coil, will be applied per ton per month.
  • Customers will receive a storage invoice for each thirty (30) day period in which their product remains in Steelscape’s off-site warehouse facilities.

Steelscape Account Managers or Customer Service Representatives can address questions regarding our finished goods material Storage Policy.​

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