Steelscape is a company comprised of a diverse group of employees focusing on one common goal: “To be the employer of choice in the steel industry and the communities in which we reside." 

By having this as our goal, and sharing similar values, we form a strong community. Being “the employer of choice” means different things to different people, whether they are our customers, our community, our owners, our suppliers or ourselves.

The goal of our employees is to continue to improve in the areas that are important to our key stakeholders while upholding a core set of values. Some of the values we hold sacred are:

  • Respect for each other, the environment and our community
  • Safety
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Continuous improvement for the business
  • Continuous development for each individual
  • Healthy relationships
  • High performance
  • Courage to lead change
With these goals and values we form “A Community of Winners”, a unique identity setting us apart from other companies.

All employees share responsibility and are rewarded for their individual and team results. We work together in a challenging, dynamic, rewarding, fun and caring environment.

Steelscape is known for its experienced and motivated team of employees. From the technicians who develop the products to the manufacturing associates who make them to the salespeople who deliver them, Steelscape employees have the experience and expertise to provide the best product for the application.

The Steelscape team is committed to a long-term relationship with its customers. We encourage individual initiative, innovations and responsibility in all employees through accountability and an open environment.​ 

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