Cold Rolling Mill

Manufacturer of Cold Mill: Ishikawajima Heavy Industries

The purpose of the reversing cold rolling mill is to reduce the thickness of the steel to the customer’s specifications. The hot roll band passes back and forth between the rolls until it reaches the specified thickness. Like the pickle line, the cold rolling mill is able to handle two coils at a time. One coil lies in wait while the other is being processed.

The reversing cold rolling mill is so named because the steel runs back and forth between the rollers, reducing the thickness further with each pass. Steelscape’s reversing cold rolling mill employs closed-loop computerized quality control gauges, a unique feature for reversing mills. These gauges ensure close tolerances for thickness and shape, which enables Steelscape to offer cold-rolled steel equivalent to any other U.S. producer.

  1. A coil fresh from the pickle line sits in waiting for the cold rolling process.
  2. The coil being processed starts at the entry tension reel, where it is uncoiled and passed forward through the rollers.
  3. A set of rolls applies pressure to the steel in order to make it thinner, while maintaining its shape and width. The number of passes depends on the customer’s specifications for coated product thickness.
  4. As it passes forward through the rolls, the steel is re-coiled onto the delivery tension reel. From there it goes back through the rolls in reverse, reducing the steel thickness further.
  5. Thickness gauges measure the thickness of the steel with each pass through the rolls.
  6. Once the proper thickness is achieved, the steel is again coiled onto one of the tension reels. From there it is ready to enter the metallic coating line.​
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