Steelscape’s Embossing Line is used to produce a specified pattern into the steel sheet. Cold-rolled steel, aluminum, ZINCALUME®/Galvalume®, and galvanized substrates can be processed with various gauge and width ranges dependent on substrate type. We offer a stucco embossed pattern which is used for such application as refrigerator door panels and can be produced at thickness depths to meet customer specifications.

  1. Using a coil car, the coil is loaded onto the unwind mandrel and threaded up through the embossing rolls to the rewind mandrel, using a set of pinch rolls.
  2. The strip is attached to a cardboard core on the rewind mandrel. The strip is jogged tight, then embosser operator starts the machine slowly, to rolls 5 to 10 feet of bare material onto core to set coil wall alignment.
  3. Once the wall of the coil is aligned, the embosser rolls are closed. The strip is then jogged forward 4 to 5 feet and the actual depth is measured with micrometers. The operator will set the micro-wedge assembly to maintain specified customer depth.
  4. The operator will pre-program the lineal feet into the embosser control panel to have the coil stop at customer’s maximum lineal footage or weight.
  5. Once the coil has completed the necessary lineal footage requirements it is cut and banded for removal and packaging for shipment to the customer.​
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