Paint Line

Manufacturer of Paint Coating Line: Durmech

Steelscape’s facilities are equipped to supply a range of quality paint systems designed for decorative, long-life performance over a wide variety of substrates. The paint coating line is similar to the metal coating line and is designed for continuous processing at consistent speed.

  1. The coil is fed into the process from one of two payoff reels. The stitcher joins two end together. The steel then enters the first accumulator tower.
  2. The steel is cleaned, rinsed and dried.
  3. The chemical coater applies a roll-on pre-treatment, the initial coating under the paint systems. A drying oven cures the pre-treatment.
  4. Rollers apply a prime coat to both sides of the steel band. That coat is then cured in the prime oven. The steel comes out of the prime oven and travels back through a water quench and squeegee rolls to the finish coaters.
  5. The finish coaters apply the final coat of paint, which is then cured by the finish oven.
  6. The painted steel moves from the finish oven into the water quench, where water cools it to room temperature.
  7. Rollers squeegee off the excess water, then the steel goes into the exit accumulator.
  8. From the exit accumulator, the painted steel is re-coiled on the tension reel and sent for packaging.​  
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