Pickle Line

Manufacturer of Pickle Line: Pro Eco

Pickling is the first process the hot band coil undergoes when it arrives at Steelscape. There it is uncoiled and cleaned in a series of acid baths to ensure the proper surface for galvanizing. The steel is then side-trimmed to the customer’s specifications for width. At the end of the pickle line process, the steel is recoiled and ready to go on to the cold rolling mill. The pickle line is capable of handling two coils at a time. One coil is processed while the other is prepared.

  1. The hot rolled coil enters the pickle line on one of two payoff reels.
  2. The end of one coil is joined with the beginning of the next coil at the stitcher. Connecting the end of one coil with the beginning of another allows for continuous operation of the pickle line.
  3. The band of steel is run through a series of acid tanks to remove rust and other impurities. Rubber rollers between and after the tanks act as squeegees to remove as much acid and contaminant as possible. After the acid bath, the band is rinsed in hot water to remove the last of the acid.
  4. The band then runs through a shear, which cuts out the stitches that connected two coils at the beginning of the pickle line. The band must be separated after it is cleaned so each individual coil can be recoiled.
  5. The sides of the band are trimmed to the customer’s specified width.
  6. The tension reel re-coils the steel so it’s ready for the cold rolling mill.​
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