Steelscape has two Slitter Lines that are capable of reducing steel width to customer specifications and can slit steel ranging from .010” to .05” thick into mults as narrow as 1” and as wide as 52”. Our slitters also apply tension to the strip as it is wound onto the rewind mandrel.

  1. Using a coil car, the coil is loaded onto the unwind mandrel and threaded up to the slit head using a set of pinch rolls.
  2. The slit head is made up of alternating sets of ‘male’ and ‘female’ sets of spacers and knives. The male sets are slightly taller than the female sets and fit inside of female knives with a small horizontal clearance between the knives (approx. 8-10% of strip gauge). The knives use a rolling scissor type of action to cut the strip as it passes through the slit head.
  3. After the strip is slit into individual mults, they enter the 20’ deep looping pit and into the separator discs. The looping pit is used to account for the crown inherent in rolled steel. As the mults wrap up the center mults wrap taller due to a very slight increase in the gauge, which causes the outside mults to become slack. The looping pit provides room for the slack so that even tension is maintained across all mults at the rewind mandrel.
  4. After leaving the looping pit and separators, the mults enter into the drag wipes and synchrowind rolls where tension is applied.
  5. As the mults are wound onto the rewind mandrel, they are kept from overlapping by passing through one last set of separators built onto the over arm. The mults are then removed utilizing a coil car and placed onto a turnstile. From there we down layer and package of the mults.​ 
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