Oiling is a optional step in the metallic coating process. When metallic-coated sheet is oiled, the oil can lengthen finished product shelf life and help to prevent field rejections due to rust. Oil is especially important in cases where resin is not available and self-lubricating surface characteristics are desired.

It is important to specify whether a product should be oiled prior to placing an order. Our oiling recommendations are as follows:

  • Any questions regarding the need for oiling should be referred to our Quality Department.
  • All resin-coated products (TruZinc® Plus and ZINCALUME® Plus) should not be oiled. Oiling is unnecessary and makes the resin-coated surface too slick.
  • Some bare chemically-treated (non-resin) products require light to medium oiling so adequate lubricating properties are achieved for downstream processing.​ 
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