Resin Coating

Steelscape offers a clear resin coating on our ZINCALUME® Steel product called ZINCALUME® Plus Steel. We also offer a resin coated TruZinc® Steel, TruZinc® Plus.

Steelscape’s resin coating is water-based and is 0.031 to 0.060 mils thick. The resin coating is applied in-line to both top and bottom surfaces regardless of whether chemical-treatment is part of the resin package or pre-applied.

Our resin coating is formulated to resist finger printing and scuffing during product handling. In addition, Steelscape’s resin coating improves resistance to wet-stack stains occurring during transport and storage. ZINCALUME Plus and TruZinc Plus steel virtually eliminate the need for roll forming lubricants.

Steelscape requests that customers notify them if any adhesion properties are required of either ZINCALUME Plus or TruZinc Plus steel products at the time of placing an order. Depending on the adhesion requirements, a different resin system may need to be applied.

More information regarding our resin coating can be obtained from Steelscape’s Quality Department.

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