A clear odorless resin coating is applied in-line to ZINCALUME® steel to produce ZINCALUME® Plus steel. This resin coating provides a beautiful finish while also meeting the handling and safety needs of roll-formers, service centers and installers.

The resin coating on ZINCALUME Plus has excellent lubricating qualities. By reducing and/or eliminating the need for additional lubricants during roll-forming, customers are able to cut costs and reduce storage of potentially hazardous lubricating chemicals. In addition, roll pick-up and the need for roll cleaning prior to running pre-painted sheet is virtually eliminated. The resin coating means less wear and tear on rolls and dies. It also reduces the chance of the roll surface being marked during the process.

ZINCALUME Plus, when cleaned and dry prior to first coat, enables you to paint directly on the surface without a primer (provided a water base acrylic finish coat is used)...a field painter’s dream.

ZINCALUME Plus also helps minimize staining problems associated with wet storage as long as proper storage techniques are used.

ZINCALUME Plus products meet the EPA Energy Star Cool Roof requirements and are listed on the Energy Star website. ZINCALUME Plus is also approved by the Cool Roof Rating Council as a rated roofing product.​

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