Finished Material

When utilizing toll processing services from Steelscape, we ask that the customer perform the following upon receipt of their order:

  • Once finished material is received, the customer is responsible for unloading all material delivered from Steelscape and inspecting the material for visible damage.
  • The material needs to be stored in a covered / enclosed space to protect the metal from inclement weather, water damage and/or condensation.
  • Prior to unloading any material with visible damage, the customer must notify the carrier's representative of the damage and note the damage as such on the delivery receipt.
  • If the material received does not meet the specifications on the packing list, the customer must notify their Steelscape Customer Service Representative immediately. At such time, the issue can be investigated and remedied.
  • If the quantity of material received by the customer is less than the quantity invoiced or if material received appears damaged in transit, the customer shall give written notice to the agent of the delivering carrier for verification of the shortage or damage. The customer will send copy of the same to Steelscape in addition to the receiving records.
  • Should the customer fail to notify Steelscape promptly of any issues related to damage upon receipt and/or non-conformance of the material, the material will be considered to have been received in good condition and as ordered. The material will also be considered delivered in accordance with the packing list / shipping documents.

For questions regarding our Toll Processing Offer or Toll Processing Capabilities, please contact your Steelscape Account Manager or Customer Service Rep.​

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